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EV Battery Upgrade

EV Battery Upgrade

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All batteries deteriorate over time and use,  and unfortunately Electric Vehicles are no different.  Electric Vehicles have now been around for more than 10 years (with some Hybrid Vehicles close to 25) and as these Vehicles age, one of the major components that looks to fail, is the Battery system, in which case most people think the car is dead and not worth repairing.

This simply is not the case!


With the Mitsubishi MiEV's and i-MiEV vans coming up on almost 10 years old now, and many loosing range from their original 100-120km range to these days getting anywhere between 50 and 70km per charge, we now have the ability to Replace these dying cells with new, higher capacity cells giving range upgrades of up to 250km per charge, more than doubling the original range of these Vehicles.


To upgrade your Battery simply get in touch with your Vehicle make, model and year and we will be more than happy to Get your Upgrade underway.

Simply drop off vehicle, we replace Battery Pack, and you drive away with a fully charged EV with up to Double Range Capacity* (depending on current vehicle specs)

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