Smartmotion bikes

Smartmotion Electric Bikes are designed to make riding a bike fun! Our e-bikes are built tough. They are rugged and reliable with long-range batteries to make pedaling easy and are ideal for the Australian environment.

Can we Test Ride?

Book a test ride today, watch this space for hire options to newly be released.

What Sort Of Warranties?

Your first 200-kilometre bike warranty service is free anywhere in the country and can be scheduled with any Smartmotion dealer, as part of your online purchase.

After that ...
  • 2 year Warranty on battery and motor,
  • 6 year Warranty on frame,
  • 12 month Warranty on other parts.
Come in and tell me if you can find a better deal than that!

Travelling with your smartmotion Bike?

Smartmotion Australia has an Independent dealer network of bicycle retailers across Australia ready and able to assist with service, warranty and repair of their e bikes.

We are there for you if you’re travelling the famous caravan trek around Australia from Cairns across to Darwin, through to Perth down to Tasmania and all the Eastern seaboard.

Smartmotion Australia works hard to ensure there are local dealers in local communities to support all Smartmotion riders with premium quality reliable and affordable products. 

We here at AdventureTec are proud to be Rockhampton and Central QLD's local Dealer of Smartmotion Electric Bikes.

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Want to know more?

Feel free to drop us a line, or alternatively visit Smartmotion Australia . 

Tell them AdventureTec sent you and we can get your new Smartmotion bike ready to go for you, fully assembled, tested, batteries charged. Ready to ride away!

You will not be disappointed with these amazingly designed and revolutionary Electric Push bikes.

Need to register or have a license?

No! There is no need to register these bikes or have a special license. They are classed as push bike so the same rules apply to these bikes as your standard push bike.