GPS Tracking solutions

Do you have a Fleet of Vehicles, or loved ones who travel a lot?

AdventureTec is a Central QLD based Business specialising in looking after your needs in GPS tracking systems offering you not only local support, but local installation, servicing and in person training. There are no call centre's and you can speak to the technicians/installers and support directly.

Our GPS tracking solutions cover all your needs:

  • Cars,
  • Bikes,
  • E-Scooters/E-Bikes
  • Boats and Marine equipment
  • Machinery
  • Shipping containers and Portable Buildings
  • Fleet management
  • Asset tracking
  • Parcel tracking


Vehicle theft, Miss-use, and downtime can be some of the biggest disruptions to your home of business life, causing not only downtime, but added stress in tracking down and recovering vehicles, not to mention the loss of personal items and tools that may be last as a result as well.

Our Tracking solutions not only help in faster recovery, but also have the ability to incorporate many features such as Remote monitoring, Camera integration, remote shutdown, Driver Identification, Duress and job dispatch management.

In addition to these, fuel management, maintenance and pre-start checks can be incorporated into our tracking platform to streamline not only Vehicle management, but workflows within you business, or home vehicle maintenance giving you automatic updates when Services, tire rotations, or any other vehicle related maintenance is required.

Give our team a call today, and have a specialised solution provided for your individual needs.

More Information on our Tracking systems?