Evoke Urban S MK20
Evoke Urban S MK20

Evoke Urban S MK20


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Product Description

2020 Urban Series Features:
  • Dual Compound Tires: Long range or sticky treads; why not the best of both worlds? Evoke's electric motorcycles strive to maximize power efficiency. With our Dual Compound Tires (DCT) for Mk 20 models, they provide a dense rubber compound in the centre of the tire to maximize rolling efficiency and a softer rubber compound on the sides to maximize grip.
  • Dual Onboard Chargers
  • Mk 20 Evoke models now offer an optional charger upgrade which reduce charging times by half. This allows an 80% battery charge in just under 90 min!
  • Evoke Mk 20 Hub Motor
  • 19kW of Pure Power Handing in a super-wide 6" Hub Motor Package. Evoke's Urban Series Mk 19 features an upgraded 6" wide 19kW hub motor for increased thermal management, better heat dissipation and enabling longer rides. With a maximum torque of 116.6Nm, Evoke's hub motor delivers incredible dynamism and grip for the highway to the streets.
  • Unsurpassed Li-Ion Battery Management
  • S.M.A.R.T. Battery Management: Evoke's Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology transfers battery management data at 250kb/s to a central onboard processing unit that allows seamless integration of information and safety in a battery pack.
  • Rider's Modes:
  • 2 modes for a better experience; customized to your needs
  • City: For average riding conditions on you daily commute
  • Pro: Unrestricted power for the daredevils of the road
  • Range: The Urban Classic has an impressive 200km range which can keep you commuting for days without having to charge.
  • Reverse Gear: Trying to park in a tight space? No problem, we got you!
  • 12v Battery Backup With a 12v battery onboard, the Urban Series provides critical information about your bike even if your main battery is low.
  • Easy to Ride. The Urban Series is as easy as riding a bicycle. With only a twist-&-go throttle, riding just got a whole lot easier.
  • 5’’ LCD Screen With the fully-equipped, user-friendly interface you can still see the display in direct sunlight without it being a distraction when the sun goes down.
  • Twist & Go 86lbs/ft of torque redefines acceleration for riders new and old. The Urban Series is the first electric motorcycle truly designed for new riders. No training needed.
  • Li-Ion Battery Patented battery design gives the Urban Series a city range of 200km on a single charge. Our regenerative braking system is specifically designed for the urban environment.
  • 100% Green With a fully electric powertrain, the Urban Series reduces CO2 emissions by over 90%. The Evoke Home Charge kit lets you charge at your convenience.
  • High Powered Hub Motor With a direct drive hub motor that boasts 19kW peak power, you'll enjoy a powerful motor without the complexity of internal combustion.
  • On-board Diagnostics Systems. Real time diagnostics allow you to travel with the knowledge that you will be the first to know if something goes wrong with your Urban Series. The simple display means you will know exactly what is wrong without having to be an expert.
  • Adapted to Your Riding Style The Urban Series has three performance settings. By simply selecting from your bike’s menu, you can go from eco to city to pro mode instantly. You decide the way you ride.

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