Evoke Classic MK20
Evoke Classic MK20

Evoke Classic MK20


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URBAN CLASSIC WHEN URBAN MEETS CLASSIC The all new Urban Classic is a throwback to yesteryears. With an upgraded power controller and dual chargers, Urban Classic boasts lower heat with more off-the-line torque making it the perfect vehicle for cityscapes and countryside rides alike. With an MSRP of $8,499 USD and pennies per KM, the all new Urban Classic is the best way to commute. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 200 KM PER CHARGE (city commuting) 130 KM/H TOP SPEED The Evoke Motorcycles Urban Classic features a 9.05 kWh Li-ion battery pack sustaining a healthy 200 km of in-city range. With mixed highway and in-city use peaking at 39 - 55wH per kilometre, the Urban Classic will get you almost 150 km of real world riding range before a recharge. When your travels take you out on the road, your Urban Classic will flow with traffic with a 130 km/h top speed and accelerate from 0 - 60 km/h in under 2.5 seconds. TOP UP AT ANY CAR CHARGING STATION L2 CHARGING + HOME CHARGING SUPPORT Charge up your Urban Classic for less than a dollar and ride up to 200 km per charge. Charging at any AC public charging station will refill your electric motorcycle in as little as 60 mins with your onboard 3.3kw chargers. Select Home Charging mode on your Urban Classic and plug into any standard 110v / 220v outlet to top your electric motorcycle in a few hours, no additional hardware required. THE BATTERY PACK THE HEART & SOUL OF OUR E-MOTORCYCLE Utilizing automotive grade cylindrical Li-ion battery cells and Evoke Motorcycles' proprietary mesh pack design, we are able to produce high C discharge and charge cycles while maintaining optimal heat management and efficiency. With a total of 9.05 kWh of total capacity, and maxing out at 116.2v and 78Ah, our battery packs propel the Urban Classic to 200 km of in-city range. Each cell is double fused, while Evoke Motorcycles' BMS manages individual battery banks, strings and total pack, for the safest and more power discharge and charge algorithms. With a 60 min charge time (30 - 80%) from any AC L2 charging station and dynamic charging profiles, our battery packs will provide years of trouble-free service and up to 2000 cycles before reaching a DOD of 80%. SMART BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (BMS) Evoke Motorcycles' Battery Management Systems are design with multilayer protection of the battery pack, electric motorcycle and rider in mind. While other management systems fully disable the vehicle in the event of a battery issue, our systems are designed to detect and alleviate the issue first before implementing full vehicle shutdown.  When synched with Evoke Motorcycles' ECU, the BMS helps monitor over 100 sensors inside the high voltage battery pack and around the e-motorcycle to protect against voltage or current surges, thermal spikes and provide critical data to ensure vehicle stability and component longevity. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS LONG RANGE & STICKY TREADS WITH DUAL COMPOUND TIRES Our electric motorcycles are the peak of power efficiency. With our co-developed Dual Compound Tires (DCT) for all  models, they provide a dense rubber compound in the centre of the tire to maximize rolling efficiency and a softer rubber compound on the sides to maximize grip. This maximizes your range while on the highway without sacrificing grip in the twisties. 19KW OF PURE POWER HANDING IN A SUPER-WIDE 6" HUB MOTOR The Urban Classic features an all new 6" wide 19kW hub motor for increased thermal management, better heat dissipation and more power on your rides. With a maximum torque of 116.6Nm, Evoke's hub motor delivers incredible dynamism and grip for the highway to the streets. ALL NEW EVOKE POWER CONTROLLER PWM - FIELD ORIENTED CONTROL SYSTEMS With up to 800 phase amps delivered directly to your back wheel, the Evoke Urban Classic carves through any slope in the road. Powerful off-throttle regenerative braking allows you better control in stop and go traffic, while adding 10 - 15% more range. Ride-by-wire throttle anticipates you needs, and syncs them with controller to give you total control of your vehicle.  TRIPLE BRAKING SYSTEM FRONT / REAR HYDRAULICS, REGEN & CBS Stopping fast and in control is just as important as acceleration power. The Urban Classic packs a 3 brake setup; complete front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, variable regen braking that helps to maximize range and recoup battery power, and finally Combined Braking System (CBS). With Evoke Motorcycles ECU v1.0, these 3 systems are paired effortlessly to maximize your stopping power. DETAILED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Performance Top Speed130 km/h Range (In-city)200 km Range (Mixed)144 km Power19kw (25 HP) Powertrain Motor: Evoke Power 17“ x 6.0" Air-cooled hub motor Inverter: Evoke Power 800A FOC-SVPWM, 120v, CAN 2.0b Battery: 9.05kWh (max), Li-ion 18650 NMC, air-cooled ECU Evoke Power ECU v1.0 + BMS v6.7 Charging Level 2 (Standard) 3 hours (0 - 80%) Level 2 (Fast) 60 min (30 - 80%) Transmission Direct Drive Hub Motor Chassis Frame: Tubular Steel Wheelbase: 1380 mm Rake: 23.5° Length: 2030 mm Height: 991 mm Width: 710 mm Weight: 179 kg Color Options: Oceanic Blue / Galaxy Black Tires Front:110/80-17 Rear: 180/55-17 Rims Front: Cast aluminium 3.5" x 17" Rear: Cast aluminium hub motor 6,0" x 17" Suspension Front: 48mm USD forks, 95mm travel Rear: Single mono-shock Brakes Front: Dual 4 piston, dual 300 mm discs Rear: 2 piston, 220 mm disc, CBS Instrumentation 5" HD TFT Screen 1-Touch Reverse Gear A simple press and hold allows the Urban Classic to ride in reverse to help you park in tight spaces. Twist & Go Acceleration Direct drive, no gears means the Urban Classic is simpler to learn on and easier to ride. 12v Battery Backup In case the main 9.05kWh battery pack runs low, there's a 12v battery used to power auxiliary lighting for safety.

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